February 24th

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    Coworking is here! Construction on 750 Main has begun, and FACTORY will be open soon. Reserve your spot now and get two free months!

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    There are lots of events around Western Colorado. Find them here!

Upcoming Events

Communication & Leadership Workshop

Grand Junction Toastmasters will host a series of leadership workshops every Thursday from February 9th thru March 9th.  The workshops will focus on the practical application of facilitating discussions, active…

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FUSE Industry Summit

The 2017 Fuse Summit includes sessions on manufacturing, outdoor recreation, and tech entrepreneurship. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about collaborating within these unique industries and discover how working together can…

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FACTORY Grand Opening Celebration!

It's time to celebrate the Grand Opening of FACTORY, Grand Junction's first coworking space. It's been a long journey from concept to execution, opening FACTORY has taken almost two years,…

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Recent Blog Posts

We Can't Say "No" to the Future

Click Here to Email City Council Quickly and Easily   BROADBAND UPDATE: Council has removed the broadband discussion from the agenda this Wednesday. Stay tuned. We'll update as we have…

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Startup Weekend Telluride

The recent Startup Weekend held in Telluride continues the momentum that Western Colorado is gaining in the exciting world of entrepreneurship and startup companies. “This is the second one we’ve…

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OpenOptic — A Revolution in Communication

Each revolution starts with an idea. In the world of tech, there are industry shifts that innovate on existing technology, there are evolutionary changes that take something in existence and…

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Custom built video editing/gaming PC for sale $1100

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Is anyone using public data, or wishing they could?

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I want to start coding classes in gj

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