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    Coworking is here! Construction on 750 Main has begun, and FACTORY will be open soon. Reserve your spot now and get two free months!

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    Move Broadband Forward

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    There are lots of events around Western Colorado. Find them here!

Upcoming Events

Open-Source Web Mapping Workshop

Come learn how to create dynamic web maps using modern, open-source JavaScript mapping libraries! After a short discussion of the fundamentals, we'll get hands-on experience with the basics including choosing…

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Market Research

Market Research Topic: Start-up Assistance When: Thursday, June 08, 2017 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Where:FACTORY, downtown Grand Junction. 750 Main St What: Market Research hosted by the Grand Junction…

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How to start a Business in Western Colorado

How to start a Business in Western Colorado Topic: Start-up Assistance When: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Where: FACTORY- 750 Main St, Grand Junction CO 81501…

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Recent Blog Posts

Grand Valley Food Hub is coming!

  Here at Launch West CO, we are always trying to support entrepreneurial efforts to grow and nurture the community. The Grand Valley Food Hub venture actually does just that. Grow.…

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Spintertainment Takes the Suck Out of Off-Season Training

  Every great idea starts with a problem to solve. When professional mountain biker Eric Landis went looking for training videos to use for his indoor winter workouts, all he…

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We Can't Say "No" to the Future

Click Here to Email City Council Quickly and Easily   BROADBAND UPDATE: Council has removed the broadband discussion from the agenda this Wednesday. Stay tuned. We'll update as we have…

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Latest Discussion

Custom built video editing/gaming PC for sale $1100

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Jobs/Project Board

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Is anyone using public data, or wishing they could?

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New/pilot for our company in Grand Junction

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I want to start coding classes in gj

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Move Forums to Slack?

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