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    Please help bring Gigabit Fiber to Grand Junction. We need your participation!

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    There are lots of events around Western Colorado. Find them here!

Upcoming Events

Beer & Business Holiday Party with CAMA West

The holidays are near! We're gearing up and getting ready to open FACTORY and to have our final Beer & Business of the year. We're changing it up a little…

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Mountain Ventures Summit

A 3-day workshop. In a true "unconference" format, we will use the knowledge in the room to help identify best practices and new ideas for specific things that can help…

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Recent Blog Posts

OpenOptic — A Revolution in Communication

Each revolution starts with an idea. In the world of tech, there are industry shifts that innovate on existing technology, there are evolutionary changes that take something in existence and…

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SynapticSwitch - Virtual Reality Gaming Company Located in Grand Junction

The video game industry has exploded over the past few decades, with each new generation of players and creators building on the gains of the one before them. Robert Madsen,…

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Telluride Venture Accelerator

Creating the Southwest Innovation Corridor  The Telluride Venture Accelerator (TVA) is leading the charge to bring startup companies in targeted industry niches from conception to success. Western Colorado is an up-and-comer…

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Latest Discussion

Is anyone using public data, or wishing they could?

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New/pilot for our company in Grand Junction

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I want to start coding classes in gj

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Jobs/Project Board

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Move Forums to Slack?

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Looking for place to send my old residential clients (tech support)

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