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    Coworking is here! Construction on 750 Main has begun, and FACTORY will be open soon. Reserve your spot now and get two free months!

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    There are lots of events around Western Colorado. Find them here!

Upcoming Events

Cat-Lab 1.1 - A 3-month sprint for early-stage start-ups and creative projects

Are you in the early stages of launching a new business or project but struggling to find the time, protect your creative space, and stop procrastinating? Catalyst Laboratories provide 3…

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Recent Blog Posts

LAUNCH = FACTORY = Proximity

Community development is a funny thing. It's exciting, scary, punishing, rewarding, slow and fast all at the same time. It's also multidimensional—often there are multiple entities working towards the same…

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Grand Valley Food Hub is coming!

  Here at Launch West CO, we are always trying to support entrepreneurial efforts to grow and nurture the community. The Grand Valley Food Hub venture actually does just that. Grow.…

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Spintertainment Takes the Suck Out of Off-Season Training

  Every great idea starts with a problem to solve. When professional mountain biker Eric Landis went looking for training videos to use for his indoor winter workouts, all he…

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Building an app exclusively for Audible Content

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Want to Join a New Media Company for the Colorado?

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Virtual introduction, hello!

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What Do You Want From LAUNCH West CO

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