About Us

LAUNCH West CO is a new initiative out of Grand Junction, CO to build a network and community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers and other entrepreneurial-minded people. LAUNCH exists to create connections, foster collaboration and to give a singular, strong voice to the entrepreneurial community in our region.

We believe that we are better together than apart, which is why we continue to develop relationships with the communities that make up the Western Colorado region: Grand Junction, Montrose, Mountain Village, Telluride, Gunnison, Glenwood Springs, Vail, Aspen, Durango and more. Each of our local communities bring pieces of the puzzle to the table, and when we work together, we are able to accomplish anything.

Creating Connections

LAUNCH West CO creates connections by hosting events throughout the year that attract and bring value to the entrepreneurial community within the West Slope. Many of these events happen monthly or more, others, like the Western Colorado Startup Weekend and Go Code CO take place a handful of times per year. 

Fostering Collaboration

We work hard to unite our vision with the visions of our sister communities around the region. Sometimes all it takes to collaborate is a conversation. LAUNCH strives to start and join in conversations with our neighbors to ensure that we're all growing and supporting each others' missions. 

Giving Voice

A sea of voices quickly drowns the message. LAUNCH is a megaphone that allows our community to drive change both public and private. By being a part of LAUNCH, you can add your voice to the message and help to make Western Colorado a vibrant, economical and attractive place to be an entrepreneur.

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