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  1. Spintertainment Takes the Suck Out of Off-Season Training

    Every great idea starts with a problem to solve. When professional mountain biker Eric Landis went looking for training videos to use for his indoor winter workouts, all he found were road bike videos. “I wanted to have mountain bike videos for my indoor training, so I started making them myself.” As he began filming local trails and using his homemade videos, word of mouth spread; friends wanted to try them. “The demand was there. People asked for more. These were amateur but people were enjoying them.” … Read More

  2. Startup Weekend Telluride

    The recent Startup Weekend held in Telluride continues the momentum that Western Colorado is gaining in the exciting world of entrepreneurship and startup companies. “This is the second one we’ve done in Telluride,” says Marc Nager, Managing Director of the Telluride Venture Accelerator and Co-Founder of Startup Weekend. “There are about 1000 events per year in 140 countries. These events are for community building to help entrepreneurs take the first steps to actually launch companies.” Community leaders from across the Western Slope plan to collaborate to host four Startup Weekends in Colorado each year, with initial sites set in Grand Junction, Montrose, Durango, and of course Telluride. “We were hoping to get 30 people to attend, and were delighted to have almost 60 participants there,” Marc says. Attendees came from … Read More

  3. OpenOptic — A Revolution in Communication

    Each revolution starts with an idea. In the world of tech, there are industry shifts that innovate on existing technology, there are evolutionary changes that take something in existence and make it better. And then there is a shift so profound, so groundbreaking, so revolutionary that it will change not only how things are currently done, but open the way for things that are beyond what we can currently imagine. Like the telephone in the beginning of the last century, or the internet in the late 80s, like the switch from dial-up to DSL to Wi-Fi, Colter Lovette of OpenOptic is set to revolutionize the way we connect to one another. Growing up in the Valley and now a local tech entrepreneur, Colter has designed a fiber based software that … Read More

  4. SynapticSwitch - Virtual Reality Gaming Company Located in Grand Junction

    The video game industry has exploded over the past few decades, with each new generation of players and creators building on the gains of the one before them. Robert Madsen, who started SynapticSwitch with his son Stephen in 2010 is excited to be on the forefront of the latest video game wave — virtual reality. … Read More

  5. Telluride Venture Accelerator

    Creating the Southwest Innovation Corridor  The Telluride Venture Accelerator (TVA) is leading the charge to bring startup companies in targeted industry niches from conception to success. Western Colorado is an up-and-comer in the world of tech start-ups, and the TVA is spearheading the charge.  With what is being dubbed the Southwest Innovation Corridor (SWIC), TVA and the Telluride Foundation are expanding on the success of TVA with a regional vision to unite communities across the western part of the state, this non-profit mission of the TVA will have a positive impact by creating an environment where companies have access to funding, facilities and work forces. Many small communities have some of the necessary resources to help small business succeed, but through regional efforts to encourage collaboration, Thea Chase, Director of TVA … Read More

  6. The Sky’s the Limit

    DragonflyAI is disrupting the oil and gas industry, and now stands poised to do the same in industries across the board. By melding drones and survey techniques, Joshua Lloyd, Chris Putnam and Carey Wheeler have created something new, something unique, something that may change the way we see the world. Joshua Lloyd has always been an entrepreneur; from the age of ten when he sold worms to bait shops in Colbran. After growing up ranching, he ended up in the oil fields, first fracking, then drilling, and finally in oil field services. Chris Putnam, who met Joshua when Chris was a pipeline environmental inspector (EI), is a proponent of perpetual optimization, constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency. Both are outside-of-the-box thinkers who have shaken up the oil and gas … Read More