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  1. We Can't Say "No" to the Future

    Click Here to Email City Council Quickly and Easily   BROADBAND UPDATE: Council has removed the broadband discussion from the agenda this Wednesday. Stay tuned. We'll update as we have more info.   Grand Junction is a wonderful place to live. Mountain biking, hiking, wine tasting, rafting, skiing and so much more are all right on our door step. The quality of life in our valley is truly top notch; it's why we live here. But as we move further and further into the future, towards a more high-tech workforce, driven by remote workers and entrepreneurs, we risk losing access to what we love so much.  I don't mean to say that our outdoor resources are in danger of going away. But we might be. Estimates place the number of workers … Read More

  2. OpenOptic — A Revolution in Communication

    Each revolution starts with an idea. In the world of tech, there are industry shifts that innovate on existing technology, there are evolutionary changes that take something in existence and make it better. And then there is a shift so profound, so groundbreaking, so revolutionary that it will change not only how things are currently done, but open the way for things that are beyond what we can currently imagine. Like the telephone in the beginning of the last century, or the internet in the late 80s, like the switch from dial-up to DSL to Wi-Fi, Colter Lovette of OpenOptic is set to revolutionize the way we connect to one another. Growing up in the Valley and now a local tech entrepreneur, Colter has designed a fiber based software that … Read More