Search For Innovation

  1. Coworking Space FACTORY Sparks Innovation Through Collaboration

    FACTORY is a new kind of work environment opening in Grand Junction. The office space is community based, bringing people, businesses, and bright ideas together. "We'll have the art community, the manufacturing community, the library, the tech community and all of these different industries working together under one roof,” said FACTORY Co-Founder Brian Watson.  Watson and Josh Hudnall created FACTORY as a resource for small businesses, free-lancers, entrepreneurs and those working remotely.  "I’d like to see the workers who want the quality of life that Grand Junction offers, but they want to have a job and career that they’ve studied for and chosen" said Hudnall. Find out more about FACTORY and why coworking is important to Grand Junction. See Kalie Greenberg's full story on the KKCO website.  … Read More

  2. Colorado, Innovation and the White House

    Colorado is phenomenal, isn't it? We live in the land of endless trails, gorgeous mountain ranges, rivers to everywhere and more outdoor activities than you could ever conquer. But it doesn't stop there, Colorado is a hub for high-tech entrepreneurship.  So I was naturally excited to read about our friends at the Colorado Technology Association and other Colorado leaders meeting with White House to discuss Colorado's opportunity to take the lead in technology innovation. It's so important that our government leaders do everything they can to foster business and entrepreneurship, and we're lucky to have leaders doing just that. Go Code is an excellent example. “Colorado has a phenomenal story,” Holston said. “There’s real alignment here between government and business. There’s support for innovation and entrepreneurship here, and in terms of the cybersecurity work-force development, … Read More