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  1. Gigabit Internet in Grand Junction

    Gigabit Broadband Internet If you don't care about the commentary, scroll down and please take the surveys.I've had countless discussions with more of you than I can remember and if there is one theme that comes up more than any other it's that you hate the Internet connectivity in Grand Junction. I sympathize. It's too often spotty and unreliable.And it's slow! The fastest service reasonably available to my office is 100Mb fiber, up and down, and if I'm an exception it that I have faster options than most. Still, 100Mb is absurdly slow in a gigabit world ... but hey, at least it's expensive—at well over $1,000 a month. So instead I have 60Mb cable, that is when it's working.We have an opportunity to change that!The first step has been taken and it … Read More