GJ About to Miss Out on an Amazing Opportunity

The City of Grand Junction has been asked to host the start of the U.S.A. Pro Challenge in August 2016. This is an event which would draw the top cyclists from all over the world to Western Colorado and the race would bring a truly unprecedented amount of exposure to the Grand Valley with worldwide media coverage. This is to say nothing of the tens of thousands of enthusiasts and their dollars the event will bring into the local economy.

It also completely aligns with the NorthStar Strategies recommendation to focus on attracting outdoor recreation industry manufacturers and this race will give us access to a tremendous number of those businesses. If you are not familiar with the NorthStar report, the city hired a respected firm to help us to stabilize and revitalize our economy.

I dare say it would be almost impossible to find an economic expert who would disagree that this is the exact kind of exposure and economic boon that the Grand Valley needs.

However, our City Council voted tonight to not host the race because they do not have financial commitments from within the community. This part of the race will cost $300,000, $150,000 from the city as well as an additional $150,000 from the community in the form of sponsorships and pledges. 

Please contact every city council member now and let them know how important opportunities such as this are to our community. And if you are able to pledge financial support, email them to tell them. We only need 150 businesses to pledge $1000, but we only have 48 hours to save this race before they go to another city.

To email city council (note: emails to members who voted yes still help them support their decision):
martinc@gjcity.org - Voted NO
bennettb@gjcity.org - Voted NO
duncanm@gjcity.org - Voted NO
chrisken@gjcity.org - Voted YES
rickt@gjcity.org - Voted YES
barbaras@gjcity.org - Voted NO
phyllisn@gjcity.org - Voted NO

If you are able to make a financial pledge, please CC jstoll@coloradomesa.edu so she can keep track of the funds.

And if I can ask one final thing, please share this and spread the word.

Thank you,
Josh Hudnall