Just Launch Already

I couldn't have said it better myself. Just launch already!

When I ask a struggling to launch founder what is stopping them, the most common answer is a fear of a terrible launch. As if they will fail and shut down on week one if their launch doesn’t go great. I remind them that never launching is complete failure and all great companies take years to build, so they move onto the next fear… People hating their product/service. I remind them that any writer’s biggest fear is not that their book will get panned by critics, it’s that no one will even notice their book existed. I tell them that if people have strong feelings about their product, that’s a sign that they care. You’ve touched a real problem. Finally, they move onto the 3rd most common fear and that’s simply that their product isn’t yet exactly right. Not quite perfect enough to launch. I remind them that Apple “the perfectionist” has $202 billion in cash on hand and can gladly take 30 years to perfect its next product before running out of money. You don’t. Perfectionism is a disease, cure yourself.

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