Cat-Lab 1.1 - A Cohort of Entrepreneurs and Cultural Creatives

About This Event

Catalyst Laboratories provide 3 months of high-octane work time in a professional space; keeping you inspired, motivated, and accountable.


Member Benefits Include:

Weekly Worksessions

Cat-Lab worksessions are consistent, protected chunks of time when your future is more urgent than the demands of your day. Weekly worksessions  are structured for optimal effectiveness.

Bring your work—get it done.

Need help? just ask.   


Collaborative workspace

On a roll? Cat-Lab members have all-day access to the collaborative work space before or after Worksessions. Enjoy 100MB internet, reasonable use of scanners/printers,  access to focus rooms for phone-calls, complimentary coffee and tea, and above all—the natural networking and creative buzz unique to a co-working space.


Cat-lab speakers

Monthly Q&A sessions with community and regional launch experts who bring insights,  experience, and resources for transforming ideas into reality.


Cat-Lab Pitch Night

Announce your New Thing to the world! Cat-Lab

members are provided coaching and access to

multi-media equipment to ensure your pitch

makes a bang, creates a buzz, stirs the pot!


Pitch Night is open to the  public and recorded

presentations will be posted online.



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Joanna Joslyn

I'm a consultant in the non-profit space, a nascent author, and an entrepreneur launching an app for the hospitality industry. I work primarily alone and in can get echo-y in…

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Date & Time
Jan 25, 2018 9:19pm
750 Main St, Grand Junction, CO
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