CANCELED: Western Slope Developers

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DUE TO ILLNESS, TONIGHT'S MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELED. We'll be back at it next month! See you then!

Tyler Lovely will be giving an introduction to the programming language Python. We'll quickly go over Python's syntax, basic language constructs (if, for, while, etc.), primitive data types (str, int, float, etc), and data structures (list, dict, tuple, etc). Then we'll dive into some of Python's special features (list comprehensions, generators, magic methods, etc).

This talk is generally geared for people with, at least, some programming experience; however, complete beginners are encouraged to come! We'd be happy to answer any questions and help beginners get started in their learning path.

If you're an experienced programmer, and you've wanted to learn Python, this'll be a good start. If you're an experienced Python programmer, please come help refine this talk.

Make sure to RSVP!

Generally the format of the meetup will be as follows:

Food / Meet and Greet / Networking - 25 minutes
Announcements - 10 minutes
Presentation[s] - 50 minutes
Hang out and wrap up - 5+ minutes

Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, or just to chat.

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Date & Time
Apr 27, 2017 7:00pm
750 Main St, Grand Junction, CO
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