Cat-Lab 1.1 - A 3-month sprint for early-stage start-ups and creative projects

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Are you in the early stages of launching a new business or project but struggling to find the time, protect your creative space, and stop procrastinating? Catalyst Laboratories provide 3 months of high-octane work time in a professional space keeping you inspired, motivated, and accountable. Join a cohort of entrepreneurs and cultural creatives who are mutually-supportive and project-focused, benefit from regional business expert's know-how, and receive one-on-one "pitch" coaching.


Catalyst Laboratories provide 3 months of high-octane work time in a professional space; keeping you inspired, motivated, and accountable.

Cat-Labs 1.1 meets in Grand Junction

Cat-Labs 1.2 meets in Paonia

Cat-Lab member benefits:

Weekly Worksessions

Bring your work—get it done. Need help? Just ask. Weekly meetings consist of a 20-minutes brain-bank session, then it’s in your chair, get-to-work, mass action to completion.

Collaborative Workspace

On a roll? Cat-Lab members have all-day access to the collaborative work space before or after Worksessions. Enjoy 100MB internet, reasonable use of scanners/printers, access to focus rooms for phone-calls, complimentary coffee and tea, and above all—the natural networking and creative buzz unique to a co-working space.

Cat-Lab Speakers

Q&A sessions with community and regional business experts who bring insights, experience, and resources for transforming your idea into reality.

Cat-Lab Pitch Night

Cat-Lab members are provided one-on-one coaching and access to multi-media equipment to make your pitch compelling and engaging. Pitch Night is open to the public and recorded presentations will be posted online.


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Joanna Joslyn

I'm a consultant in the non-profit space, a nascent author, and an entrepreneur launching an app for the hospitality industry. I work primarily alone and in can get echo-y in…

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Date & Time
Feb 26, 2018 6:00pm to May 25, 2018 9:17pm
$90.00 - $180.00
750 Main St, Grand Junction, CO
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