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Whats happening?

The Grand Junction Business Incubator and Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will be hosting drop In days for one-on-one business consulting  at Factory.


The SBDC is offering:

  • Free, one-on-one coaching
  • Access to management, technical and other professionals who can apply their expertise to assist you.
  • Focus on your business progress with the aid of your own “Business Coach.”
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls in starting, growing, buying, or selling a business.
  • Discover new ways to improve your business marketing, accounting, manufacturing, customer service or administrative functions.
  • Assistance in establishing realistic business goals and objectives.
  • Free loan coaching to help you with your overall business financing plan, including loan packaging assistance, SBA and other government loan considerations, and expert advice on how to approach a lender.


Who’s going to be there?

The one on one coaching will be provided by Julie Morey. Julie was  raised by an entrepreneur in Moab, Utah, Julie grew up around family-owned businesses including skating rinks, sanitation services and telecommunications companies. She obtained her business degree through Mesa State College’s School of Professional Studies, has owned two businesses and has been Director of the Grand Junction Small Business Development Center (SBDC) since 1995. Julie was recipient of the Colorado Small Business Development Centers State Star Award in 2009 and her program ranked number one in economic impact among the 14 Colorado SBDC programs in 2012.


When is it happening?

  • Coaching Sessions will be 1 hour long each.
  • Friday, May 5 From 9 am to 12 noon. There will be 3 appointment slots available.
  • Wednesday, May 17 from 1 to 4 pm. There will be 3 appointment slots available


How do I sign up?

To secure a one on one coaching time slot please register through the SBDC registration page.


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Date & Time
May 5, 2017 9:00am
750 Main St., Grand Junction, CO
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