Connecting and Collaborating: Buzz Building for New FACTORY Coworking Space

Erin McIntyre said it well:

A lot of moving parts have assembled to form the Factory of the future.

FACTORY is the culmination of over a year of effort and the teamwork of LAUNCH, CAMA, the Library and Proximity Space, aided by our lead sponsor Alpine Bank who believes in the community so much they were excited to partner with us to make FACTORY happen.

One of the things that sets FACTORY apart is the access to technology and resources not always available in coworking spaces.

“Connecting and collaborating — that’s what this is all about,” said Tim Heaton, director of the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance. Heaton’s organization is using grant money to establish a high-powered videoconferencing center called Fuse within Factory, which will allow remote collaboration and presentation between companies, workers and clients.

“It’s similar to Skype, but on steroids,” Watson said.

We're excited to open FACTORY and we really believe it will mark the beginning of a shift in the Grand Valley toward higher-paying, more rewarding jobs.

“This is about making Grand Junction an attractive place to do business,” Hudnall said.

Read Erin's full piece over at the Daily Sentinel website. And don't forget to sign up today. There are no commitments and if you get in before the middle of October you'll get two months completely free.