Former County Building Begins Shift to Tech Hub

We're working hard to bring coworking to Grand Junction, and yesterday we just moved one giant step closer!

Gary Harmon in the GJ Sentinel:

Aaron Young raised the Jolly Roger over the onetime Mesa County administration building at 750 Main St. and vowed to make it less a clumsy scow and more a sleek, nimble and collaborative Black Pearl.

Hours previous, Young signed the final papers in which the KAART Group LLC that he owns purchased the building and a nearby parking lot for $900,000.

Any harking back to the bureaucratic background of the building and its future will be gone, and quickly, Young said.

He hopes to reopen the building as soon as August with his offices and those of Launch West CO, which is planning to offer a large co-working area similar to open, collaborative spaces that might be available in Boulder or Denver.

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