Aaron Osborne


Hey, I'm Aaron. I'm a designer/developer/skier/dad. I'm finishing my master's through DU in Web Design and Development. I've been in print and web design for 10 years and business development and proposal development for 5+.

I've lived in Colorado my entire life. From ages four to eighteen I spent most of my weekends in the winter on the mountain in Steamboat. Occasionally there was a Monday or Friday ditch day, too.

I tried school at CSU but ended up going to several hundred live music shows/festivals/events/raves over a two year span instead and then decided maybe I needed to think about what I wanted to do with myself because engineering schools was not going to be it. I got married, graduated from Mesa with a graphic design degree, and went back to Fort Fun for a short time. We landed back in Grand Junction after tech companies downsized or moved operations out of country and there was no room for freelance tech nerds anymore (a couple thousand new and hungry eyes looking at the same jobs does not leave a high win percentage).

I worked for a couple of places, the last of which I really dug into enterprise architecture, UX, web design, business development, and all aspects of proposal development for government RFPs and other solicitations. I still do some print and web work for that company and a couple of their teaming partners.

I also like working as a lifty up at Powderhorn. It doesn't pay great, but that job really isn't about money for me. I just like the interaction, being outside, and the skiing.

Quick Facts:
- I like making mixed 6-packs at College Liquor
- I grew up travelling around CO, WY, UT, MT going to steer ropings with my dad in the summers
- I'm a pretty big CSU sports fan (I went there, dad went there, wife and her parents all went there)
- I tinker... a lot.
- I don't like having idle hands, hence the weekend lifty job for fun

Skills and Abilities

  • Web Design
  • enterprise architecture
  • Business Development
  • Print Design
  • 8(a) program
  • NAICS knowledge