Sponsorship Levels


The LAUNCH Newsletter is the main point of contact to our over 400 members. The LAUNCH weekly posts highlight local tech stories, upcoming events, as well as job postings. Our audience consists of local entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and tech oriented workforce. Our newsletter is growing at an average of 29 members per month and has a 36% open rate. We are on track to have nearly 6800 individual opens by the end of the year.

Newsletter Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship logo on Newsletter Footer with hyperlink to company website (x3)


LAUNCH West CO is the fastest growing database of tech companies and individuals in Western Colorado. Our website has gone from 0 to 600 members in less than a year and has nearly 2,000 page views per month. LAUNCH West CO has a database of local members, event, jobs, and tech articles.

Website Sponsorship

  • Logo at bottom of website
  • Placement on sponsor’s page. Includes logo and small company overview/mission

Events - $500 per month (3 events)

LAUNCH West CO hosts over 40 events per year. These events include Beer and Business, Coffee and Code, WCCP, Startup Weekends, Go Code Colorado and more. Events engage our closest members as well as many LAUNCH newcomers. Two event reminder emails will be sent out to the entire LAUNCH database before each event.

Event Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship Shout out at each event
  • Sponsor Slide
  • Event Sponsor Logo Placement on event reminder emails

Classes - $250 per event

LAUNCH West CO will begin hosting classes to members focused on technical and business education.

  • Speaking opportunity
  • Sponsor Slide
  • Event Sponsor Logo Placement on event reminder emails

Signage in Space - $1000 per sign

LAUNCH West CO is opening Coworking Space! Space will be open to the community providing work space for remote workers and small businesses. This will be the only gigabit access point open to the community. Sponsorship Signage will be available around the space.


  Premium (x3) Gold (x5) Silver Individual
  $7500/year $5000/year $1000/year  
Newsletter Large Logo on Email Footer Small Logo Email Footer   $1000/month
Website Large Logo on Website Footer Small Logo Website Footer Sponsorship Page  
Events Logo on Slide Event Slide     $500/month
Classes Logo on Slide Class Slide     $250/event
Signage in Space (x3)       $2500/year